How to create your own website with for free

How to create your own website with for free

Hope everybody is well. I'm fine too. Like everyone else, I wouldn't say that everyone is better off with Lurkiz. But I try to keep everyone well. And today we will know How to Create your own website with for free.

What is

Wapkiz is a free website builder, where you can create your own free website completely free. You can also make a few dollars a month by creating a free website here. Unlike other hosting sites, Wapkiz does not have to pay for hosting.

Wapkiz is the best for music download sites. Here you can easily create any kind of site using HTML tags / JavaScript and lots of tag code. Besides, don't worry, I'm here to help you.

How to create wapkiz website

First enter the website.

STEP - 1

Then click the Register button.

How to create your own website with for free

STEP - 2

Then fill out the form with all your information. Now click on the Create Now button.

How to create your own website with for free

STEP - 3

Then a page like the image below will open in front of you. There you have to select your site name and domain. And you have to write something about your site in Description box number 3. Within 150 characters.

How to create your own website with for free

Then you need to select the category of your site, At last click Create Now button.


Then the home page of wapkiz will open in front of you. A little below can actually look like the image below. The name of your site will come in front of you first like the image.

How to create your own website with for free

Below that you will see 3 options. In 1st view mode you will see how your site visitors are viewing. In 2nd option statistics, you will see how many visitors are coming to your site, from which country they are browsing and also many more. Finally you can use panel mode to design your site and manage your site.

Let's take a look at what you can do on wapkiz

Multi Site

You can only create a maximum of 5 sites (Max 5 Site/ID) in one of your Wapkiz accounts. And each site has its own separate Control Panel.

Html/Tag kode

By supporting html writing and supported by writing code tags as commands or programs it can make your site sophisticated and automatic without writing a lot of code or pages like a php site.

Java Script

You can create JavaScript and jQuery files here. And you can use the file you created.

File Manager

Each site has a file manager for storing your files. It also has 25 GB space for each site. Although it was 5 GB at first, later it was increased to 25 GB.

All types of files you can upload and save and then display using code tags, quite easy and simple.

Manage items / elements

All types of items such as html code, links, text, pages etc. will be easier to manage with the features of edit, delete, copy, move up and move down. So you can create the site as you wish.

Site preset (Theme)

Wapkiz includes some presets / templates. You can use them if you want. Also from now on new design Wapkiz theme will be uploaded on this site. You can download and use them for free if you want.


You can create huge number of sitemap and manage them.


Your parent domain will like this –

Also you can choose your parent domain from the domain boxlist. There are several domain list of wapkiz (eg.,, etc)

You can add your premium domains too, absolutely free.


Creating a forum/blog site is also available.

So, Building an website in wapkiz is totally free and easy.