How to install a wapkiz template

How to install a wapkiz template

It is very easy to install Wapkiz template on your Wapkiz website. gives you thousands of free Wapkiz Templates to customize your Wapkiz website.  Yes!  We are giving a new look to a Wapkiz website.  This tutorial shows you how to install / upload a new Wapkiz template.  We cover the Wapkiz template installing procedure with step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Download Wapkiz Template

Browse Wapkiz templates in our most popular categories like responsive, music downloader, SEO ready, magazine, app downloader, simple, clean, portfolio, video downloader and fashion.  (You can Live Preview our every template to know how your website look like after updating the template.) After browsing, click the download button of the template of your choice.  The template file will then be downloaded and saved directly to your computer or mobile.

Download Wapkiz Template

Step 2: Logged in your Wapkiz Dashboard

First you visit  Then click on the "Login" button as shown below.

Logged in your Wapkiz Dashboard

Now fill out the "Login form with all your information".

Logged in your Wapkiz Dashboard

You are now Logged in to the "Wapkiz dashboard".

Step 3: Go to panel mode

Then come down.  Click on "panel mode" as shown below.

Logged in your Wapkiz Dashboard

Step 4: Access Theme » Backup / Restore

After entering the panel mode of your website.  At the bottom you can see the "Theme » Backup / Restore" option as shown in the image.

Access Theme » Backup / Restore

Step 5: Get ready to upload

You will then see your "Choose File" button as shown in the image below. Click that button.

Get ready to upload

Step 6: select .wapkiztpl file for uploading

Now select the folder in which you have downloaded the Wapkiz template. Note that .wapkiztpl is at the end of the name of the wapkiz template file.

select .wapkiztpl file for uploading

Step 7: Start submitting template

Click “Submit” button. Not submitting process appear in your screen.

Start submitting template

Now the template will appear in your wapkiz website successfully.

Complete submitting template